Office Network Wiring
Ooma Office Phones
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  • Office Network Wiring
  • Ooma Office Phones
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Small Office Networking
  • Network Security
  • Surveillance System Installation/Configuration

Latest Work

Network wiring, surveillance system installation/configuration, VPN service, and more. We provide a wide range of IT services for your home or small business needs.
  • Network Wiring
    Enhance your home or small office with full network wiring, patch panels, and more. With full cat6 support from wire to outlet, we think of your future!
  • Surveillance System Installation & Configuration
    We install and configure surveillance systems; Complete with a DVR (for keeping your recordings), night vision and motion detection (alerts via email and app), so you don't have to worry about missing anything! We can even configure your system to work with our cloud, so you can download and view any videos of past recordings beyond the capabilities of your DVR.
  • Virtual Private Network
    Connect to your office no matter where you are! Access any office resources, printers, and more using a state of the art Virtual Private Network. Stay connected!
  • Network Security
    Securing your home or office network should be your priority. With a CISCO PIX® Firewall you can feel safe about your network security.
  • Small Office Business Solutions
    Do you have a team that requires a local network with a fully organized shared file system to be able to collaborate and work together hassle free? We specialize in local host, and cloud sharing systems.
  • Network Design and Infrastructure
    Designing a network is a science, understanding how computers and devices connect and communicate is a vital part of the process. We can help you get it done correctly.

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We serve both Residential and Small Business owners.

If you are in need of any IT services, please contact us, and we will do our best to server you!
APRIL 19, 2018
Note from CEO

Thank you for considering using Nerd Tech Solutions for your IT needs; Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will ensure you are happy!

Thank you to all of our current loyal clients and partners, your support is truly appreciated.

Ray Guzman, CEO
We thank you for your business.